THURSDAY 7/10/14

3 10min rounds of the following with 2min rest between each 10min round
10 CAL row
20 Box Jumps 30″ (high)
30 One Arm Snatch, alternating 55/35 (light)
40 Slam balls
Clock will be a continuous running clock, on the second 10min round, you will work in reverse order starting from where you left off.

As a team of 2, one athlete does as many burpee pipe jump overs as possible while their partner does 10 Snatches and 10 Over head Squats. Each partner will be at the bar 4 Rounds, and at the Burpee Jump Over for 4 rounds. You will have a total time, and a total burpee- jump over rep count. SO,
4 Rounds
10 Snatch 65/95
10 OHS
while your partner accumulates as many burpee jump overs as possible. 20″/24″
15min Time Cut Off for all 4 rounds.

A. Front Squat
B. Power Snatch+ Full Snatch
5×1+1 @80%
C. Standing DB Press 4×8, both arms at same time


A. 7min Handstand walk practice
B. 21-15-9
KBS 1/1.5p
Front Squats 65/95
25 Double-Unders between each round, 8min TCO
C. Accumulate 60 seconds in an “L” Hold
20min AMRAp
3 Front Squats 65/95
6 Push Ups
9 Sit ups
12 Mountain Climbers (count R L-eg only)
15 Supermans

Tuesday 7/8/14

20140702_123547 (1)
A. EMOTM for 6min
One partner does as many rope climbs as possible while the other partner does burpees, switch on the min. Total climbs and burpees as a team
B. 9-7-5
Deadlift 315#/220# (8 of 10)
Strict HSPU
10min TCO
EMOTM for 7min
3 Push Jerks
1 Split Jerk both at a medium light weight weight for a push jerk, however, their 7min EMOTM starts after they do a 25 burpee buy in. After the 25 burpees, they must wait for the next min to start at the beginning to begin their EMOTM. The clock will run the whole time
A. Snatch
work up to a 2 RM in 15min
B. Power Clean+ FS+ Jerk
6×2+2+1 @80% of best clean and jerk

MONDAY 7/7/14

A. Narrow Grip Bench Press 3×5 (7 of 10)
B. 30 Clusters for time 95/135 (4 of 10)
C. 5 K row TT

1 SDHP 65/95
1 Double Under
2 of each
3 of each
until 15min is Up

Happy Saturday after the 4th!

Hope you had a happy 4th!! See you all Saturday the 5th at 9:30am for Team 32 Heroes and 11am Free Saturday Partner WOD!
No reservation necessary! Come as you are! Class lasts about an hour, all levels of fitness are welcome!